WestCoast Aquatics is the original and most respected custom aquarium and water features manufacturing company for individuals, or companies seeking the best sustainable aquatic life support systems and environments that money can buy. For over a decade we have been leading the field in designing, installing as well as maintaining aquariums and water features of all shapes and sizes - for homes, businesses, public attractions and the film and print media industries.

Aquariums are our passion. Each aquarium we build is unique. We consistently exceed the standards in the aquarium industry by building sustainable and quality aquariums with the world’s most exotic species. WestCoast collaborates with interior designers, architects, and builders to fabricate site-specific custom aquatic environments. Our focus on precise attention to detail and superior customer service continues to be the backbone of our success.

With the popularity of fish keeping increasing every year, and more and more people claiming to be experts in the field, our reputation is more important today than ever. The aquarist may find himself overwhelmed by the flood of new products, repetitious articles and various companies boasting to be the best.

Who should you trust?

WestCoast Aquatics

The company dedicated to the aquarist from beginner to advanced.

We offer full service offering custom design for your landscaping waterfalls and ponds (Indoor & Outdoor) along with high-quality construction and installation - no matter the scope of your project. Relying on an experienced staff, we can help you pursue projects that you’ve been thinking about whether you are landscaping, renewing an existing feature, or adding outside features.

Aquarium at a school By WCA

Exquisite Aquarium By WCA